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Owner’s Message

“Mr. Nitin Bansal”

Tanishq Haveli is established by Mr. Nitin Bansal made its humble beginning in the year 2011. It is the fastest-growing multi cuisines Food Court in Manali. As a founder of Tanishq Haveli, I started my journey after completing my education. Before one decade in Manali, there were no Hotels and Restaurants in Manali.  At that time, we noticed that live cooking is one of the several trends that have grabbed on in Indian kitchens. We quickly realized the need for a live kitchen. Live cooking makes the dining experience more engaging and exciting. In the live kitchens, chefs put more emphasis on Food preparations. It ensures customers are confident that they are having food cooked in a kitchen with the highest level of sanitary and safety standards. We also focus on the live kitchen concept so that people should be getting quality and delicious food and also be aware of what they are being served.

Thus, Tanishq Haveli was born with our first hotel becoming operational in Manali.

Today, Tanishq Haveli has four food plazas – Dosa Plaza, Punjabi Plaza, Mumbai Spices, and Chop King. With menus professionally designed by our chefs, we bring the world to your meal with a range of scrumptious delicacies. You also have access to plenty of amenities to make your stay relaxing and enjoyable. For your discerning palate, we have in-house restaurants, cafes, and bars serving mouthwatering foods and drinks. And to host events, birthday parties, functions, and celebrations, we also have the best facilities. Our services with live music are also 360°in the truest sense.