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Best Foods in Manali That you Can’t Forget To Try

Manali, this heavenly site is located in the lap of nature, Himachal Pradesh. For a long time, it has been a fascinating destination for tourists in India and around the world.

However, the natural beauty of this beautiful hill station isn’t the only reason drawing thousands of tourists every year. The destination provides much more to its travelers, and the best food in Manali witnesses it.

Even though you can find a variety of cuisines spicing up the enjoyment level of tourists at Manali, still some of the best cuisines that you must try out before you leave Manali have been described below.

So let’s take a dip into each finger-licking cuisine that will be in the limelight of this Manali trip.

1. Babru

This age-old snack is one of the most popular cuisines in Kulu Manali. Babru comes from the kachori family, as its crispiness and dough formation is quite similar to it. The only thing that makes it unique and a Manali-special cuisine is the stuffing inside; the dish is prepared using soaked black gram paste. The light and mild, juicy flavor of Babru feels pleasing to the mouth and soul.

2. Khatta

If you are fond of enjoying the street food, you should surely give a quick try to our next dish named Khatta in Manali. The cuisine is prepared out of fried vegetables and spices mixtures, including Pumpkin, Boondi, and Amchoor powder. If you are looking for something delightful in the Himalayas, try this dish out.

3. Patande

Manali can never be short of varieties in sweet dishes. Foodies will find everything they need in this drop-dead gorgeous place, just like this heavenly dessert that will raise your appetite for Manali flavors. Patande is, however, a breath-taking cuisine widely enjoyed by locals in Manali. But surprisingly, it is made up of only three items, wheat, sugar, and milk. Best restaurants in Manali try to represent it with more gorgeousness with more flavors’ add-ons that turns it more awesome.

4. Bhey

Prepared out of lotus stem, Bhey is one of the best foods in Manali. The tangy flavors of these cuisines are pretty mesmerizing. Lotus slices with sauce poured on the top, and grams, spices, and sugar mixture make this cuisine a Manali-special. You will hardly get this dish to taste in other parts of India.

5. Aktori

It’s impossible to reach a conclusion on the best foods in Manali without including Aktori in the list. The dish is popularly enjoyed during the festive seasons in Manali. Aktori, also known as Aktori cake, is made out of buckwheat and is enriched with the goodness of nutrients and ghee.

6. Chana Madra

If you have ever visited the best restaurants in Manali, you might have noticed Chana Madra on the menu. The dish mixes tamarind, garlic, onions, cloves, ginger, white chickpeas, coriander powder, and various other spices. While the curry is hugely aromatic in flavor, it depends on what restaurant you have selected for your dining time.

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