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Amazing Places To Visit In Manali

The hustle & bustle and workload of daily life can be very frustrating, and one should find a little time for him to get relaxed. There can be no better way than visiting Manali to get relaxed and wash off the stress. Every year thousands of people visit Manali because of its beauty and pleasant environment.

However, finding the right place to visit after reaching Manali can be a confusing task. These places can vary from different people as everyone has their own desires that they wish to fulfil. Some look for a relaxing Hookah Bar in Manali, some go for camping, and there can possibly be hundreds of more choices.

When seen collectively, there can be several places suiting people’s choices, and we have gathered the most preferred ones. If you wish to travel to Manali, here is the best list you can go through to be aware of places you can visit.

Places you would be pleased after visiting

1. Solang Valley

People who love snow and adventure, there can be no better place than Solang Valley. You can enjoy snowfall here and even play adventurous sports like paragliding and ice skating. It would be best if you did not travel far away from Manali as this place is at a very short distance from there. Once you get on the top, you will experience the most beautiful scene of the mountains and even sunset if you get yourself there at the right time. You can also find the best Hookah Bars in Manali near this place.

2. Bhrigu Lake

If you are looking for a place where you can rest for a while and enjoy a pleasant view of green forests, Bhrigu Lake will be the perfect place for you in Manali. Mainly this place is famous for its mesmerizing view, Best Lounge in Manali, and a pleasant environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city. To visit this place, you would have to trek a little distance.

3. Hadimba Temple

Hadimba Temple is known to be a destination that can fulfil everyone’s wishes, be it related to religion or adventure. This place was built in a very old time, and you will have to climb some stairs to reach there. But a little hardwork will pay off once you reach the top.

4. Jogini Waterfalls

If you want to bring the snowy peaks of Rohtang in your view, Jogini Waterfalls will be the right place for you. You can bring your tents along with you here and have your meal with your friends, family or with any other person you visit this place. No matter how much time you stay here, you will never feel like going back to your home.

Final Thoughts

Manali is one of the best places to visit in India, and you can get everything you desire within your reach. We have shared a list of places with you that you can visit if you plan to travel to Manali. Be it the Best Lounge in Manali, best restaurants like Tanishq Haveli or best clubs; you can get over to all of these places nearby the places mentioned above.

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